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Forward February

Published: 08 February 2020


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about changing jobs. I also wrote about wanting to write about some events that transpired at my old workplace. I didn't write about those events because I felt that whatever was happening should have been kept private. But it seems that the people who are actually involved couldn't do just that.

As far as I know, there had been issues between the company's shareholders. It seems that there was a huge misunderstanding about how much work and how much of the profit were to be divided among them. Without placing judgement on anyone, my understanding is that one party felt that he had been doing all the work and so thought was entitled to a lot more of the profits. But anybody who understands how operating under a partnership or a corporation should know that one cannot just unilaterally change the parameters that a business works.


I'm writing about that now just because I needed to provide some background about the things that I really want to write about. See, my start date at the company that I'm moving to has been moved up. And that comes as a result of a faction at my old company having us sign a quitclaim several days ago, which basically releases me (and my workmates) from any obligations that I have with it. That release includes my notice period of 60 days that, at the time that I signed, meant that I still had to fill in around 30 days more.

It would have meant that I'd be out of work for a month; therefore, it's a good thing that the people at my new company were okay with the idea of me starting earlier than expected. I'm now starting on the 17th of this month instead of on the 2nd of March.

It's great because by now, I've been stuck at home for a week and I'm terribly bored. (Well, not really as I have other things to think about but that's another story.) And as things are going, I still have another week of idle time, which I plan to spend in La Union.

It's going to be awesome! I haven't been to my beach for a long time— that piece of shoreline where I've thought so many thoughts and left so many words unwritten. That place had always been my reset button and after all these years, perhaps it's time I pressed it again.

I did try to spend some time during the last week reflecting on things, particularly those that revolved around a certain someone. But my mind isn't there any more. And on the rare occasions that I was able to get myself to care, all I could think about was, “I hope that wherever you end up after all of this, people won't have any reason to think of you as you've thought of me.”