Arielle B Cruz
Independent Multimedia Artist


Multimedia Artist at Your Service


Mabuhay! I am Arielle B Cruz, a multimedia artist and software developer from Pasig City, the Philippines. Currently, I specialise in web design and development, having Python as my programming language of choice. I also dabble in graphic design, 3D modelling, game development, and video editing. By necessity, I am also a novice Linux system administrator.

I have been a freelancer since 2005, after having worked in different capacities in the recording, manpower management, outdoor advertising, video production, and information technology industries. I used to strongly advocate for web accessibility until I realised that it has more to do with pleasing standard formulators than it is about breaking barriers. So now, I’m just happily advocating Free Open Source Software in small ways— primarily by trolling people on Facebook.

I created this website so that I can have an online portfolio and a blog. The former is a place where I can point potential customers to when they ask about my previous work. The latter is place where I can post semi-random stuff, some of which are intended to attract potential customers.

This website is also a demonstration of Samhain13‘s SiteCore project, a website management application built using the Django framework.