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Dear Heidi

Published: 11 July 2023


Thank you for what is easily the best quarter-year of my life—

for seeing what you see in me, that we continue to be together despite our many differences, many of which are not so subtle;

for letting me into your home and into your heart, that it is now hard for me to imagine not having you in mine;

for embracing me, both bodily and emotionally, feeling what I feel— or, at least, trying to— when I don't even know what it is I'm feeling in those lost moments;

for waking me up the way that you do, to the sight of an angel that I know has been watching over me as I sleep, and inspiring me to make the most of the coming day

—adding it to that chain of days and weeks and months where I feel mostly joy, gratitude to the universe for giving you to me, and optimism towards the future.

“Thank you for being you,” is what I said the first time I sent you flowers. This is who you have been since. And I look forward to whatever else you are about to become.

I love you. Happy birthday!

PS: I did not order flowers.