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Weird Dream: 13 October 2017

Published: 13 October 2017

I was with a fairly large group that was made up of my high school classmates. We were in a restaurant, that was partially closed to the public as we had reserved a big part of it for our group.

I knew some of the restaurant's other guests from work and I had to divide my time between them and my classmates. While I was with people from this other group, a classmate would pass by and I would do the right thing and introduce him to whomever I was sitting with. I would always mess up their names.

As the night wore on, I learned that the restaurant was part of a huge house that was owned by a younger person. A woman who was also friends with some of my classmates. For some odd reason, she didn't like me.

A lot of us— people from both my school and work groups— stayed until the wee hours of the morning. Manolet, an old classmate, stayed because he had to drive the woman to the airport in a couple of hours. They were friends, apparently. The woman was going to visit her parents in France. It turns out that her mother is Filipina and her father is a Frenchman named “James Bond”.

All through the night, the woman complained about not liking James Bond because he had always neglected her.

When it was time to go home, I went with two other classmates: Brian and Vincent. They decided that it would be fun to ride a couch downhill along J. Vargas Avenue. There were four of us on the couch as we were joined by a different woman whom none of us seemed to know. We parted ways when we reached C5, at the foot of the hill.

I decided that I would walk home. In a few minutes, I reached a nasty neighbourhood of shanties and open canals. It smelled really bad. But I had to go through that place in order to get to the train station.

The train station was just opening but there were already a lot of people queueing for tickets. A short woman in yellow cut the line in front of me. I thought she worked for the train company as she shoved what seemed like documents in the ticket booth window. Apparently, she was just a crazy person.

On the platform, I saw a cousin. She seemed troubled. I didn't notice it immediately but my cousin with her parents and both were lying on the floor. They were sick and she was supposedly taking them to hospital. They all seemed to be in need of assistance.

I went to the first aid office to ask for help. The attending nurse told me to fill up a form. I told her that she should send someone for my uncle and aunt while I fill up the form I was given, and that I'll just look for her when I'm done.

As I was filling up the form, some guy put a pen his pen on it in an attempt to fill in a field that was about the police chief. I tried to shoo him away but he said that that field needed to have the “right” information. I shooed him away again. And when he saw that I was not going to let him write anything on my form, he got his own form and started writing on it.

I didn't see my cousin nor her parents again. I assumed that somebody took care of them already.

Then I woke up.