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A Delicate Situation

Published: 24 December 2018


There's a song by Bread called “Diary”. The song talks about someone finding a diary under a tree and when he started reading it, he thought that he was reading about himself. I've been hearing this song on occasion for as long as I can remember: in videoke places, in public transportation, in random homes. And I have to say that the imagery from that song stuck with me somewhat.

Diary has, at face value, a sad ending. Imagine a guy thinking there was this girl who was writing about himself, then he confronts her, then she acts all weird, then in the end the guy realises that the girl wasn't writing about him at all. That has to be embarrassing as well especially when you see that the guy actually confronted the girl even before he's read through her entire diary. Stupid, no?

But my question is: what could the guy have read that made him do such a rash thing? What could the girl have written?

“Monday: dear diary, I saw him today at the pantry. He packed lunch, it was rice and sardines... Tuesday: dear diary, today he wore his favourite red sport shirt... Friday: dear diary, he just came from the gym and smelled a bit funky but I didn't mind...”

I suppose, if I were that guy, I'd be flattered. Flattered enough to not think things through as thoroughly as I normally would and jump the gun. But shouldn't I also be creeped out? Seriously, I should be legitimately paranoid after reading through something like that. Nobody likes being stalked— no matter how self-centred someone is.

On the other hand, is there anything wrong about being observant? Is there anything wrong about being observant about specific people? Is there anything wrong about writing down one's observations about specific people?

At the end of the day, perhaps what matters most about situations like this is the timing.

If I were having to deal with a lot of shit, I'd probably be pissed off if I were forced to also have to deal with something like this. On another day, if I had had a decent sleep and a good breakfast, maybe I'd find all this funny.

The Moon in Cancer is in my 12th house tonight, so it's a good thing that I haven't found any diaries. But if somebody were to come across this one, would they think that it's creepy?