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End of an Era

Published: 01 February 2019


Hand in hand we'll do and die,
listening to the band that made us cry.
We'll have nothing to lose,
we'll have nothing to gain
just to stay in this real life situation
...for one last refrain.

— Tears For Fears

How does it feel to be single?

Well, it's never going to be easy letting go of a 12-year-old thing. A reliable pair of shoes. A dog. A person whom you've shared so many moments with. That's why it was good that we were able to talk and to see things for what they've become, and why they're never going to be any different.

So, how does it feel? I'd be lying if I said that I'm not all torn up inside. But breaking up at lunch and going shopping after as good friends. One cannot ask for more given the circumstances. I'm not broken— not in the way that drives other “manly men” to binge drink and seek easy women. But yeah, I will definitely need a bit of fixing.

The plan now, I suppose, is to keep on keeping on.

Wake up at lunch time. Go to work. Have a coffee. Appreciate being in a good place and being surrounded by good people. Work. Draw, write, or make music. Have another coffee. Work some more. Draw, write, or make music. Come home— it's always good to come home these days. Eat. Sleep, before the sun rises.

And dream of monsters.

The gig on the 9th isn't far off. I'll need to find other things to do in lieu of the band rehearsals after that. But I've never had stuff to do on Sundays to begin with. Things shouldn't be any different. Perhaps I'll get a bike. Or play more football. Why not do both?

That sounds like a plan.