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In Between Tasks

Published: 05 December 2018


Back in the day, I used to blog a lot. But when I started blogging less and less, my go-to excuse was that I've been busy— busy writing code, busy drawing, busy trying to make music. I have just realised that that is a bad excuse.

I've moved workplaces since I last blogged. I started here in mid-July and at the end of every workday, I send in an End of Day Report. It's basically a blog that is for private use. And it got me thinking— I can write every friggin' day but, for some reason, I am choosing not to.

So, here I am writing.

What's up? Well, as I've said, I've moved. I'm still doing pretty much the same stuff although I'm doing it for a different company.

In the company that I left, my last project was what's called an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It was a large project where we had to develop and maintain modules for human resouce management, accounting, logistics, and some very client-specific requirements. Now, although the project that I am working on doesn't really fall under the ERP category, it's just as huge as the previous one. It's just as complicated. But, to be honest, it's a lot more fun!

Of course, by “fun”, I mean challenging.

It's an old ship that has been patched in so many places with a lot of different materials just for it to stay afloat by itself for around a decade. It's not an easy ship to steer and it, at times, it can invoke some anxiety but most of the time it rocks. And it does its job.

But half of my work is building a new ship. And where there can be anxiety in keeping the old one afloat, there is also great excitement. I'm working on this thing alone at the moment, which means I get to choose all the materials and building methods. I'm comfortably back in my element: from server provisioning to user interface development with unadulterated HTML + CSS + JavaScript. No unnecessary libraries. No weird ways in coding parts that do simple things.

Forward, then.