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About Hubbah and Chirstmas Carmageddon

Published: 20 December 2018


That thing about witches and white sandals from a couple of days ago. I think it did me a lot of good to write it when I did. Steam blown. Now, we let the pieces fall where they may.

I'm working remotely now, as I do every Thursday. But I'm working alone somewhere nearby because Christmas traffic here is simply the worst. To be honest, I'm not looking forward to coming to the office tomorrow— or, more accurately, I'm not looking forward to going home.

But it's just one day. The weekend is coming and although I do have to put in the hours on Christmas Eve, I'll be working at home and don't have to worry about the commute. Then we have a short holiday. Then it's Thursday again and I can work either at home or just around. Just one more day in Carmageddon.

While I'm looking forward to the break, I'm not feeling very good about having to spend it without Hubbah. This will be the second Holiday season since he died and I'm still sad about his passing. I suppose one never really gets over things like this. But considering how he was in his last couple of weeks, I'm also somewhat glad that he's in a better place now— away from all the firecrackers. I wonder if he misses me and Bladder, though.

Come to think of it: if I were a dog, what would I do in doggie heaven?