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Published: 11 January 2019

I was standing on the street
and saw me running away
from the rain I heard
was coming today.

With every drop of sorrow
that's fallen right on my face
is what I want and
all I wanted to say.

One tornado into you,
one tornado out of Oz,
back to where I should be going
and not to where I'm getting off.

Yellow bricks on the road
coming right on to my nose.
Am I running, am I standing,
am I falling? No one knows.

Somewhere over your rainbow, I want to go.
But tell me what will I find,
don't you know that I am blind now
with the colours of my own?

Round and round and round we go.
Purple, green, and red.
Spinning like the storms we sow.
Spinning in my head.

— Pagan Smoke