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Ashes to Ashes

Published: 12 January 2019

I saw her smile the other day
when all the angels came my way
to paint my face that once was grey.
Oh— the came too late.

They plant their feet into the ground
and wait a while 'til they are found
but in her smile I still am drowned
and I see them not at all.

Get away from me.

I turn to look. I turn my head.
I remember all the things she said.
As I turn I see instead
the dimples on her cheeks.

So, now I come to wonder why
that afternoon I flew so high
with all the angels in the sky
although I wasn't one of them.

Get away from me.

Throw my ashes out at pray.
But the wind won't take me back and say,
“nightmares do not end this way...”

Nightmares should not end this way.
Get away.

— Pagan Smoke