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Beyond Shadows

Published: 06 June 2019

If I were to say another prayer,
a new plea; what would it be?

That when I wear The Black tomorrow
you might see beyond the shadows
and know that what is in my heart
is the very same thing that's in yours.

If I were to put words to it—

I would let the wind carry it beyond
pixels and glyphs and little shapes
as your eyes make when you squint
if you still feel like fighting
these thoughts that I know
you think about.

I would let it touch you softly
so that you will barely feel them
unlike the unexpectedly loud “hello”
from so long ago when I saw you
quietly wrestling with your brain
on your Apple.

I would let it gently shine in your eyes,
disguised as an embered coil in a pipe
that has, for four days, turned me away
from the false shelter that I found
myself in that day when...

When I thought I was at a place
where there was really nowhere
to go but up.

So, let it be.