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Trigésimo Año

Published: 07 August 2019

Trigésimo Año

I didn't go to work yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. I still don't. A bad cold, heavy coughing, a fever. I was in bed for most of the day just sleeping. And on the occasions that I was awake, I was just looking at what my friends were posting on social media.

The fever broke late last night. I woke up sweaty and all. I remember having a dream but I don't remember what the dream was about, only that it had a series of numbers in it. I do have those crazy dreams some times. I figured the numbers weren't for the lottery— LOL! it would have been awesome if they were— so I posted them on Twitter, “880211093010” and thought about it some.

It didn't make sense. Perhaps I had been looking too much at barcodes at work, given that our problems last week involved the client's printer stopping at the barcode section before it crashed. But that didn't make any sense either; our barcodes are only eleven digits long. And my head was still pounding so I slept again until this morning.

While having my morning coffee, a thought kept nagging me, “Trigésimo Año”— thirtieth year. So, I figured that the series of numbers may be a datetime: 11th of February 1988. February 11 is the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes and that is when my school celebrates its foundation day. I don't know if I'm remembering it correctly but the celebrations of that year was dubbed Trigésimo Año. It's a misnomer because our school, the Mandaluyong branch, was founded in 1959. It was the Quezon City branch that was founded in 1958. Anyway, that year, 1988, would have marked only our school's 29th year. It made less sense. Besides, if it had been Trigésimo Año's date, why would it have a time? What could I have done at 09:30:10 on that day that I needed to remember?

But Trigésimo Año kept nagging me. I couldn't get it off my head. Maybe I got the numbers wrong. Maybe it's supposed to be the 11th of February 1989. I don't know what happened then. It's still the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes but I'm not really sure how we celebrated it on that year. “Sui Generis”? Something to do with uniqueness, not being like someone else. It made even lesser sense.

Then, it dawned on me. Could it be the birth date and time of a person?

I'm trying very hard right now to not contact Kinky about this. Kinky, a long time friend, had been an astrologer for some time now— even got paid for being one for a couple of years. But some of his skills have rubbed off on me. And even without plotting any charts I can tell based on that date and time that this person is an Aquarius with Aries rising: somebody who works closely with technology, social media, social engineering, a natural leader who doesn't need to tell people what to do— they just follow, a workhorse, a bright face, an unusually large forehead.

I know someone who is like this.

I can also tell that the New Moon that I was born under should be in this person's Seventh House. And I also know that this person's Sun in Aquarius must be in mine. I don't want to write about the Seventh House. It saddens me because if this were all true, I wouldn't be feeling what I had been feeling for such a long time now.

This person would have turned thirty this year— Trigésimo Año— on the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Does that make any sense? Whatever. I am genuinely afraid.