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A Parade of Nights and Days

Published: 13 August 2019


Flowing and ebbing like the tides
of this endless ocean of dreams
where reality sinks and becomes
the home of mermaids and other
fantastic creatures like the one
that doesn't sleep as she hangs
by the thread of her fears
with which she weaves bed covers
that come alive when the lights
retire in the early dawn.

Waxing and waning like the Moon
above this parade of nights and days
that's always black to one who can't see
after nightmares have taken his eyes
to be hung like trophies that remind
everyone who cares to look at him
how to have unreal hope as his world
has all but crumbled under such tides
where mermaids don't even dare to swim
and fear fears itself.

Rising and setting like the Sun
that burns our skin and boils our blood
and drains us of every drop of life
that had once filled us from head to toe
and flowed from his hands to her face
where every scratch of the pencil spoke
of love and longing for all that is unknown
except to He that turns prayers into songs
that wake both the dead and the dying
and make the living fall to their knees.

Flowing and ebbing like the tides
of this endless ocean of dreams...