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Carpe Noctem

Published: 11 December 2020


I looked at the mirror
when I heard myself scream.
Through broken glass,
I saw me waking from a dream.

And I lay the rhyme down,
hoping it can float me as I drown
in the floods that you welled in my eyes.

When you were in the dark
wasn't I the light that didn't cease to shine,
like your natural satellite, reflecting
the words of the divine?

But more than appearing,
I listened

to the ramblings of your demons,
that sang the songs of the dead and dying
and of those who chose to leave this life.

And now that I echo them to you,
thoughts that had always been askew—
the critters in a mind that never sleeps
and grinds the bones of every sheep
that it refused to count,

I've become the night that I am

in your eyes, in your ears,
in all your other senses
that can feel only fear
and lust and regret

but never love.

I look at myself in the mirror
and I scream to wake me up
from this broken dream.