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Coffee, anyone?

Published: 07 February 2019


Let's not kid ourselves. I know y'all are here, reading this. Some of you. All of you.

I know that this is awkward. I know that a lot of the things to be found here seem strange, particularly the things that are related one of you. And while I don't want to accuse anyone of doing anything, I know how easy it is to, amongst yourselves, make fun of things like this— of people who do things like this. Whatever this is.

I won't complain. I believe that, if it's really the case, it's one of the consequences of putting my thoughts on the public Internet. If I weren't prepared for that sort of thing, I'd just have written this stuff on a notebook and kept it somewhere private. Somewhere safe.

At this point, maybe you're thinking that I'm just being paranoid. But if you're really here and are reading this, then you know that I'm not. That in reality, I'm just a blogger who unfortunately is so up-close and personal with his audience that it's really difficult to be intentionally vague about specific subjects, even when it's necessary. I'm sure that you understand— as a number of you do write for a living— the difficulty in not being able to separate your writing from your person.

I am not what I write. But a lot of times, I feel that y'all think I am.

I may have a talent for saying things in an interesting manner. But I have no talent in reading faces and sideways glances and body language. I see those movements but I don't know what they mean. Do you think that I'm doing something wrong or something nice? Do you think that I shouldn't be doing this at all?

I'd like to know.

Let's have coffee some time. In the pantry. In the playroom.

I don't bite— not intentionally anyway. :)