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What's in the Boot?

Published: 08 May 2019

Football stuff in Raquel's boot.

I've been on the field again. Twice now since I got out of the hospital.

It's never easy doing sports right after a long break. And it's a lot harder when the break is caused by an illness. But we do what we have to to keep our health and make some endorphins, enough to just get you past the coming week at work.

Twice now, I've taken Raquel to Circulo Verde and I've decided that all my football gear stays in her boot because, for a very long time now, I have been wanting to do it. Make my car an extension of my living space. I've seen that from my college friends. A lot of them who had cars way back then always had stuff in their car that should have stayed in their homes. And I had always been thinking that it would be nice to do that. And have that sense of freedom to just go away and be ready to do stuff.

So, what's in the boot. A pair of Predators. Shin guards— for the life of me, I don't understand why they've made them so small. A pair of goalkeeping gloves. Extra shorts and jogging pants. Extra shirts. Extra jerseys for playing.

I'm also thinking about keeping some sketch pads, pens, and other drawing materials just because I might end up driving somewhere and get the urge to just draw. I used to keep a lot of stuff in the office but, at the moment, I'm just not inspired to do that kind of shit here. Even if I still have a lot of downtime.

Anyway, the football is going to be a regular thing, it seems. I am feeling my age when I play, though— more so, after. My knees, especially my back, really feel they're in their 40s, particularly when I hit the ground when making saves. Most times, I can still feel some pain a couple of days later. I suppose that's all good. At least, that kind of pain, I know how to handle.

But don't ask me what's in the glove compartment. My mother doesn't know that I'm smoking a pack a day again.