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Five Songs Found

Published: 12 June 2019

The summer wind wouldn't talk to me today.
It wouldn't whisper in my ear as it has done
on other days whether you were here or your were gone.
But she showed me a face when I dreamt of the Sun
as I slept between midnight and the early dawn.

It was yours.

And when I woke I found five songs
that sung of being one and moving along,
of parachutes that save lives when things go wrong,
of giving chances after being awake for so long
to belong—

to be brought close and feel some warmth,
to be sheltered from hurt and harm,
to be lifted up and held aloft with truth and charm,
to be kept joyous even when the world sounds its alarms
to wake me in the middle of the morning

so that I can see you
even for just one and a half seconds.

It wasn't to be today.
It will not be for tomorrow.
But I will carry no sorrow
because I know that you, too,
have to sleep.