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Molehills and Mountains

Published: 19 June 2019


Suddenly, I have a mountain of a problem.

I can't get out of here earlier than sixty days when I finally say goodbye because of a contract clause.

The new place needs new people by mid-July— in less than thirty days— and an August start date for them, they feel, is a bit on the late side. But we'll know what there is to know after a technical interview and an exam, which is yet to be scheduled. That means, if ever I get the new thing, my freedom day will also be moved because I can't say goodbye until I'm sure that I can move.

Well, it's out of my hands now.

We'll see how this goes. The Universe has her way of setting things into motion. And based from experience, the universe moves things in rather unexpected ways.

Anyway, there's this other situation with work that really inspires me to take on other things. I really don't understand why one customer can't be wrong. They just can't be, even when they caused us to break things some weeks ago just to compensate for the shit that they're sending to us. I wonder why they're so special.

If it had been any other customer, we'd be all over them. Heck, I've received orders to IP ban some of them over the last few months; because of other issues, of course. But when it comes to this particular one, they even go as far as to pass the blame on me just to be able to keep that customer's innocence. And I really don't appreciate that. Why would anyone, eh?

Sentimental value? Meh.

Going back to thing with the new place, though. I wonder how difficult it would be to pass my current project on. I know that finding a replacement is going to be a huge challenge in itself. Not to brag but people like me come few and far between— and I'm not talking about just the technical capabilities as this project really takes a lot of patience to keep afloat. It has scant documentation, it uses obsolete technology, and it requires the development of new features that must rely on newer things. It's a hard project to manage and maintain. It's going to be doubly difficult to turn over.

But what isn't difficult these days? Coming to work. Getting coffee. Sitting on this broken swivel chair trying not to look where I shouldn't look. Keeping myself from writing.

I really want out. Or maybe I'm just making mountains out of molehills.