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Cervical MRI 2019

Back with Back Problems

it has nothing to do with a girl— that has been going on for months now. It has everything to do with my back.

17 July 2019 - 15:16

SOL FC medal

I Want This

It will be a piece of you that you'll never know existed...

25 June 2019 - 14:14

Football stuff in Raquel's boot.

What's in the Boot?

It's never easy doing sports right after a long break. And it's a lot harder when the break is caused by an illness.

08 May 2019 - 15:40


Fingersaves on Gravel

If football is life and if I have been alive again these last couple of months, then I've forgotten one of football's most important lessons.

26 February 2019 - 14:53


Half Steps and Baby Steps

I guess things have a way of working themselves out... like the band tuning down to E-flat.

03 February 2019 - 23:54


A Weekend That Wouldn't End

What a long weekend! And no, I'm not talking about having an extra day. I'm talking about two days that didn't really want to be over.

21 January 2019 - 15:52